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Fans of Pascal Marco will be thrilled! Stan Kobe is back and he’s better than ever.
Brad Thor, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Foreign Agent

In a sprawling tale of the Southwest, Render Safe by Pascal Marco hurls Phoenix prosecutor Stan Kobe into a cauldron of violence, lies, and prejudices that tie cold cases and old hatreds with modern greed. A colorful palette of unforgettable characters brings to life all the complexities of a great city and an untamed frontier. Toss in international black ops, love affairs, and family loyalties for a page-turning entertainment that enlightens. Truly enjoyable. A wonderful book from a new author who addresses a lot of complicated issues important to our world and whose writing I admire a lot.
— Gayle Lynds, New York Times best-selling author of The Assassins

Stan Kobe is back, and he’s better than ever! Render Safe takes readers on a spine-tingling tour of Arizona: from the remote wilds of the Mogollon Rim to the courtrooms of Maricopa County, from the terrifying vulnerability of our nation’s utilities to the twisted psychology of white supremacist groups. This is a suspenseful and thought-provoking novel about racial tensions baking in the heat of the desert. I couldn’t put it down.
— Allison Leotta, best-selling author of The Last Good Girl and A Good Killing, named a Best of the Best books by O, The Oprah Magazine

Render Safe delves into the twisted minds of white supremacists from Arizona, whose bigotry and hatred fuel maniacal plans bent on death and destruction. Pascal Marco weaves a chilling tale of domestic terrorism in a charged thriller that cuts a disturbingly fine line between fact and fiction.
— Anne A. Wilson, author of Hover and Clear to Lift

Render Safe opens the door to real world concerns in this timely thriller. Engaging and thought provoking, author Pascal Marco presents a wealth of compelling possibilities, certain to engage readers.
Deborah J. Ledford, award winning author of the Inola Walela Suspense series Snare, Causing Chaos and Crescendo Anthony Award Nominee for Best Audiobook 2014 – Crescendo; Hillerman Sky Award Finalist – Snare

A highly suspenseful novel of twists and turns with accurate military rhetoric and well-studied A-10 references, all leading to a fantastic ending. A brilliantly written piece sharing Stan Kobe’s struggle through classic government deception, burgeoning white supremacists, and crooked politicians to solve the mystery of ex-soldier Paul Stewart. A must read for suspense enthusiasts. An absolutely fantastic book.
Major “Anonymous,” United States Air Force, A-10 Thunderbolt II Instructor Pilot/Mission Commander/Forward Air Controller, 163rd Fighter Squadron, Fort Wayne, IN. Recipient of four Air Medals and flown over 100 combat sorties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a current consultant on security and explosives, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of accuracy I found in Pascal Marco’s novel, Render Safe. It’s a fascinating read with action coming at you nonstop. Marco does an excellent job on attention to detail involving the technical matters of both investigative techniques and the lucid technical world of EOD. I was completely impressed in the way he used real life events that occurred over a decade in time and wound them together into this fictional tale of an ex-EOD soldier seduced by a right wing radical group to use his knowledge and access to explosives for their grand plans to bring the city of Phoenix to its knees. He’s written an all too real story of a powder keg ready to explode.
Anthony L. May, President, ALM Security and Explosives Consulting, LLC.; U.S. Army EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Ret.); ATF Explosives Enforcement, Officer (Ret.); CNN Expert Spokesperson


… a story that melds a powerful sense of an impoverished and violent place, cops who are decent and cops who are not, and rich baseball lore will find a large audience. Here’s hoping Marco has more such tales to offer.
BOOKLIST Magazine, May 1, 2011

Pascal Marco’s electrifying debut puts him firmly in the hunt to succeed John Grisham. Fresh, compelling and incredibly intricate, Identity: Lost is ‘Exhibit A’ on the docket of this year’s hottest legal thrillers.
Brad Thor, NY TIMES #1 best-selling author of The Athena Project

Identity: Lost, by Pascal Marco, is a grand slam of a novel, swift and sure and true to life, with spot-on characters, an evocative setting, and a relentless plot swirling around the brutal killing of the last surviving member of the Chicago Black Sox team. Imbued with a deep love and understanding of the South Side of Chicago, homicide cops, and the history of baseball, this novel is as true as it is gripping. Don’t miss it!
Douglas Preston, NY TIMES best-selling co-author of The Monster of Florence and Fever Dream

History and homicide collide in Pascal Marco’s fascinating novel.
— Lisa Black, NY TIMES best-selling author of Takeover

Identity: Lost is a thriller with heart and passion. Its intriguing plot takes us from the bad side of Chicago to Arizona and back again as the story’s hero searches for himself and finally finds justice and truth. I recommend it.
Karl Alexander, author of Jaclyn the Ripper and Time After Time

Pascal Marco’s debut novel is a corker, a well-told tale of race, murder, injustice, and redemption.  This is the real deal–Identity: Lost confidently heralds a strong new talent.
— Raymond Benson, author of the James Bond anthologies Choice Of Weapons and The Union Trilogy

Identity: Lost is a riveting mystery novel involving the murder of the last surviving member of the infamous Chicago Black Sox team. Marco cleverly blends elements of a true crime, weaving it into an extraordinarily believable tale of intrigue, suspicion, and in the end, retribution. The writing seamlessly fuses the worlds of baseball, Chicago in the ‘70s, and the legal system with such finesse you can do nothing but keep reading until the very last page.
Deborah J. Ledford, author of Staccato

If you love Chicago, the White Sox, and a thumping murder mystery, you’ll love this story.
Virginia Nosky, award-winning author of Blue Turquoise, White Shell

Marco’s Identity: Lost is a realistic portrayal of what it was like to be a homicide cop on the South Side of Chicago in the 1970s. Reading it made me miss the job. That’s how good the writing and how true the action is.
Andrew Abbott, Homicide Detective (Ret.), Chicago Police Department

Identity: Lost is a nail-biting story based upon real life. Marco’s raw, from-the-gut writing style gives readers a seminal insight into the way the South Side of Chicago has worked on the street level for the last 35 years.
Jim Nasella, veteran Hollywood Writer/Producer and Attorney

Surprise is the word that best describes Pascal Marco’s novel Identity: Lost. Surprised by the debut author’s impressive writing, capturing so well the spirit of big city detectives and keeping my interest from the first chapter to the surprising ending. And, I’ll be surprised if it’s not a best seller.
— Philip J. Cline, Former Superintendent, Chicago Police Department


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